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Sage Gateshead


No Ticket Required


Words Weekend 2019

Jonnie Robinson


No Ticket Required



Jonnie Robinson, Lead Curator of Spoken English at the British Library discusses his work archiving and celebrating the accents and dialects that make us who we are. Learn some words you may never have heard before…

Are you in the habit of swithering? Do you enjoy a spot of penking? Join Jonnie as he ratches through kintle in search of bobby-dazzlers, then record your own favourite dialect word, slang or family phrase in the Words Weekend Travelling WordBank for archiving at the British Library.

More Info:

Start: 1.30pm
Venue: Concourse

As everyone deserves equal access to entertainment, every event in Words Weekend will be accessible. In addition to the gold standard access provision at Sage Gateshead, all events will be BSL interpreted and there will be a roaming interpreter facilitating conversations throughout the venue.

Words Weekend will post a Social Story on their website for anyone who might find new situations difficult and would like to know what to expect from the festival. Sage Gateshead also offer short familiarisation visits.

We request that everyone is tolerant to the needs of other audience members,  some of whom might need to take a break from a space during an event, for example. Lighting will be raised slightly higher than usual, sound levels will be limited at most events and more comfortable seating options will be offered in some spaces.  Please remember that not all disabilities or health conditions are visible. If you have any questions please contact [email protected]