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TUSK Festival 2019: MAGMA



This event is included as part of the TUSK festival weekend pass.

It seems for most writers the nearest they can get to a definitive categorization of the legendary French band Magma is to call their music prog rock.

Here at TUSK we’re more minded to accept that Magma just don’t fit any stylistic pigeonhole – they’re Magma!

How many times do you hear a band that sounds like the unlikely union of Philip Glass and Funkadelic? That sings in its own invented language? That has been going for 50 years? Then they’re off again and its Coltrane meets Mahavishnu, with added symphonic excess. You can often pick out influences in Magma’s music but the sum they have made of those disparate parts is unlike anyone else.

Led by drummer and founder Christian Vander, Magma this year celebrate 50 years of existence and this TUSK appearance is one of only two UK shows this year to mark that milestone. Notable fans include snooker legend Steve Davis and dronelord Stephen O’Malley.

Arch druid Julian Cope described them as “truly from another planet”. On record and on stage, the Magma nontet sounds and impacts like something twice the size. Expect a genuine musical spectacular from a band genuinely unlike any other.

This event IS included as part of the TUSK Festival Weekend Pass. | Facebook | Twitter

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Possible Travel Disruption: The Swing Bridge, which is located a short distance from Sage Gateshead on Bridge Street, is closed from 10pm – 6am. Find out more.

Magma – Epok I – Theusz Hamtaahk