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Sage Gateshead



The Local Honeys plus Rachel Harrington



From the rolling hills of the Bluegrass and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Montana Hobbs and Linda Jean Stokley are two exceptionally talented young women who will be bringing the folk music of Kentucky to UK shores in 2019.

Having been the first women to graduate their state university’s degree programme in Traditional ‘Hillbilly’ Music, The Local Honeys have gone on to win various songwriting accolades, among them the ‘Chris Austin Songwriting Award’ from MerleFest.

Their debut album Little Girls Actin’ Like Men includes both traditional and original songs and showcases the Honeys’ ability to tear into hard-driving fiddle tunes, sing the high lonesome sound and tell a damn good story.


Homesteading. That’s what Rachel Harrington‘s been up to since music took a backseat to horses and family life back home. Once touted by Maverick Magazine as “the hardest working woman in Americana” due to her relentless touring schedule, Harrington took a sabbatical to recharge.

Hush The Wild Horses, Rachel’s 5th full-length studio album of original songs, releases July 2019. Its themes are farmed from the last six years at home in Oregon. Family stories, from horses to wheat fields, from Vietnam to the sweet hereafter, from wagon ruts to the interstate, everything dusted with the American West. | Facebook


Stage Times

1pm – 1.45pm: Rachel Harrington
2.15pm – 3pm: Local Honeys

Please note timings are subject to change

I'm a Kentuckian (written by Don Rogers) - The Local Honeys

Rachel Harrington - Songs From The Shed Session