Saturday 21 December 2019 | 10am-4pm  

The History of Classical Music


10am – 4pm

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£30 (for ages 18+)

Why does Bach sound different from Tchaikovsky? How did Beethoven manage to write music if he was deaf? Who invented music notation and what does it have to do with Julie Andrews?

Join Stephen Waller – Director of Music at Newcastle Prep School – on a musical journey through the history of classical music to hear the answers to these burning questions and more.

Learn about all things classical music from the invention of notation to the growth of the orchestra. Known for his light-hearted, jargon-free approach, Stephen will take you on a time travelling adventure of the past 1500 years of music (he’s promised us you’ll be back in time for tea). So whether you’re new to classical music or a life-long fan, this whistle-stop tour will delight everyone.

This relaxed day is sure to be lots of fun and will include regular breaks and a lunch break. It will be presented in an informal setting – so bring some snacks and a drink (or your knitting …)

Questions are welcome at any point during the day and all attendees will receive a booklet of the information provided, complete with suggested listening for each composer and period and you’re welcome to add notes too!

Numbers are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!
ps – don’t bring your knitting

For ages 18+.


Saturday 21 December

10am – 4pm