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The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc



Cancelled (original date Sunday 1 November 2020)

Please bear with us during this unprecedented period. We will be in touch in due course about your tickets. Thank you for your patience and co-operation. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc comprise Olav Luksengård Mjelva (Norway), Anders Hall (Sweden) and Kevin Henderson (Shetland).

Individually they are regarded as three of the finest young fiddle players currently working in the international folk music scene, while collectively they are now finding themselves increasingly in demand across the world due to this unique collaboration.

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc is the brainchild of Anders Hall who felt that combining the three distinctive fiddles styles of their respective countries and regions would create a special musical sound and experience.

Norway, Sweden and Shetland have three of the richest fiddle traditions in the world, with documented historical links going back hundreds of years. The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc seek to bring those historical links and traditions alive and present them in a new, exciting, dynamic and meaningful fashion, while nevertheless remaining faithful to the roots of each tradition.

While blending the individual styles together they never-the-less allow each distinctive flavour to unfold into a combined sound that’s unique, intense and invigorating, while their live show is peppered through with significant amounts of onstage good humour and banter into the bargain.

Their debut album attracted huge critical acclaim, with their 2016 release, Deliverance, following in the same way.

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc have already toured extensively, and performed at many high profile festivals, throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia and North America and now look forward to touring further in support of their new album.

A wonderful band – well and truly on the rise! | Facebook | Twitter