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Sage Gateshead

Thursday 27 April 2023   |   8:00pm
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Sage Gateshead presents


plus 7ebra


Part of Innovative New Music

Sage Two

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Indie pop band Teleman play Sage Gateshead off the back of their fourth album Good Time / Hard Time.

A tree may lose its leaves but will continue to grow. For Teleman, the band’s fourth album Good Time / Hard Time is their first as a trio and sees them evolve as a force of nature as they navigate new beginnings despite a wealth of experience behind them. Music and lyrical stream of consciousness entwined, the album makes sense of a world in chaos and its words of wisdom are a vital reminder that even when things seem heavy, life is precious.

With classic Teleman style, Good Time / Hard Time is their most dancefloor-friendly record to date. Following the departure of the band’s long-time keyboard player Jonny Sanders to focus on his film and design work, Peter Cattermoul now leads on keyboard duties and Hiro Amamiya slides seamlessly between drum machine, live drums and even the odd keyboard solo as it captures the bounce of choice cuts from their own DJ sets such as Metronomy or the classic disco of Boney M, Giorgio Moroder, early house music and 80s vibes-all the while doused in their trademark blend of uplifting melancholy.

Growing together, nurturing partnerships, and leaning on each other, for Teleman, mutual respect is something which has grown stronger with each passing year; whilst flavours of the month will come and go, this is a band whose relationship with their label has stood the test of time throughout their whole nine years.

“Terrific motorik indie” – The Guardian

“Electro-pop lift-off: circular grooves, dancefloor bounce, reflective, John Foxx-ish synth drift and even Buggles-ish new wave” – MOJO

“Teleman stand alongside Metronomy, Field Music and Dutch Uncles in the smart pop ranks, yet sound unlike any of them.” – Uncut

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plus 7ebra

7ebra is the project of 25-year-old twin sisters Inez and Ella from Malmö, who grew up playing music together. Inez plays electric guitar and sings, Ella plays a keyboard, organ and Mellotron – whilst manually playing drum samples with her feet – as they both sing haunting harmonies in a way that only twins can. Beautiful but punk, minimalist but epic. The duo have already made their mark on the Swedish music scene with support slots for Bob Hund and The Dandy Warhols and have just made their UK debut playing London three nights in a row in September.

“7ebra’s ‘If I Ask Her’ sparkles with promise…the single represents a starting point for a duo who have already caused huge word of mouth buzz”Clash Magazine

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Thursday 27 April 2023

From: £17.60 - £19.80

Sage Two