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Sage Gateshead



CANCELLED | Andy Mackay & Phil Manzanera present Roxymphony

Andy Mackay & Phil Manzanera present Roxymphony

Cancelled. Please contact your point of purchase for a refund.


AEG are cancelling the Andy Mackay & Phil Manzanera present Roxymphony tour. This includes the date at Sage Gateshead on Thursday 17 October.

Statement from Andy:

“For some years I have suffered from Dupuytrens Contracture. For those who don’t know, this is a progressive disease of the hands where the tendons of the fingers thicken and are pulled out of shape. It has no known cure, is partly hereditary and is generally found in people of Viking or Northern European descent and was first described – by a doctor Dupuytren I presume, in Normandy. I have had four operations over the past decade which have been pretty successful in freeing up my fingers and I have been able to continue playing. However, my consultant has told me that the little finger of my left hand, which is quite badly affected, cannot be operated on again at this time. For those who are not woodwind players, the little fingers of both hands do rather a lot of work playing all the lowest notes on the instrument – low B flat, B, C and E flat, as well as the little finger of the left hand playing G sharp. Although most of the notes are still available, I don’t feel I can perform properly with this condition and reluctantly am withdrawing from all performance for the foreseeable future.”

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Refunds are available from your point of purchase. If this was Sage Gateshead, please give our Box Office a call on 0191 443 4661.