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Sage Gateshead

Friday 8 & Saturday 9 November, 5.30pm  


Our City Our Truth

city of dreams


What matters most to young people in NewcastleGateshead? What are the injustices they see in their everyday lives?

This is our story. Written by us, filmed by us, produced by us, performed by us.

This is Our City, this is Our Truth.

Following the success of Our City Our Story in March 2019, City of Dreams returns with a special event created by children and young people.

During the past year, 11,000 under25s have contributed to City of Dreams gathering of stories from our city, and over 2000 have taken part in our Big Culture Conversations. They’ve found dozens of creative ways to tell us about their lives, about what matters to them and the change they want to see in their world.

Supported by Newcastle University, as part of their mission to honour the social justice legacy of Frederik Douglass, we’ve created a new kind of experience to share those stories, issues and changes with you.

And every bit of it has been made by young people.

Lead by a team of City of Dreams Young Champions, working in partnership with NewcastleGateshead Cultural Venues, New Writing North, Skimstone Arts and the Young Women’s Film Academy, Our City Our Truth has been researched and created with dozens of community organisations.

Tackling issues of discrimination, gender inequality and poverty it is a 90minute experience involving film, music, performance, spoken word and headphones. It will keep you moving, on your feet and in your heads.

From hate crime to lack of BAME representation, from young women’s discomfort on public transport to in-work poverty, from problem debt to our concerns for the environment being ignored…this is the world as we see it.

If you make decisions that affect the lives of children and young people this event is for you. No matter how big or small your impact on under25s is, no matter what sector, industry or area you live and work in, if you’re part of this city you should be part of Our City Our Truth.