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Sage Gateshead



Kathryn Williams plus George Boomsma



In this new musical world when we talk about an artist’s body of work we tend to think of a handful of records stretched out across of a handful of years, if we’re lucky. A changing industry and a focus on immediacy has done little to alter such notions, which makes Kathryn Williams something of an anomaly – releasing eleven full-length albums under her own name (and more with various side-projects) since her debut LP, Dog Leap Stairs, was released in 1999 via her own CAW Records label.

While her best-known work is characterised by rich and honest songwriting, inspired by the greats – from Nick Drake to Joni Mitchell and beyond – Williams has continually been able to evolve as an artist because she’s always looked outside of such genre boundaries. “The things that influence you aren’t necessarily going to come out in obvious ways, unless you’re trying to copy,” she said in a 2007 interview. “I don’t sound like Lou Reed or Tom Waits. But when I listen to them, I learn.” | Facebook | Twitter

Stage Times:

George Boomsma: 8pm – 8.30pm

Interval: 8.30pm – 8.50pm

Kathryn Williams: 8.50pm – 10.30pm

Please note timings are subject to change.