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Reasons to Support RNS

Why Support Your Orchestra?

RNS does so much more than perform world class music on stage. We want to inspire and involve people of all ages and backgrounds, and do so through a range of music activities that everyone can enjoy.

RNS works with Sage Gateshead’s children and young people’s programmes and ensembles including In Harmony, Young Sinfonia and Quay Voices. They also perform at and visit schools and universities, and have even developed a special range of curriculum based performances for schools. 

RNS can frequently be found out and about in communities around the region too, sometimes where you’d least expect to find them, including in shopping centres, hospitals, food markets and more. The orchestra do this because they firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel the difference music can make.

The orchestra have also developed a range of performances designed to be inclusive, including Baby Sinfonia, Classic4Kids and many relaxed performances.

These are just some of the reasons to support your orchestra. Every penny helps us to ensure that as many people as possible get to experience RNS, and the magic of music.

Quick Donate

Ticket income alone is not sufficient to support our work. If you love Sage Gateshead and want to support our diverse range of programming and wide variety of musical learning opportunities, we’d sure appreciate it! As a charity, we rely on the generous support of the general public and every penny makes a difference.

Thank you.