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The People's Requiem: Chorus

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We are looking for keen and motivated adult singers to join Royal Northern Sinfonia at Sage Gateshead, working together over several months towards a special performance of Verdi’s Requiem conducted by RNS’ Principal Conductor, Dinis Sousa.

If you have experience of singing regularly with a choir, are committed, enthusiastic, and willing to put in significant preparation time, then please apply using the form below.

We are looking to create a performance of the highest quality that the musical community of this region can deliver. Whether you are a member of a choir that largely learns music by ear, or one that mainly learns through reading sheet music, you are equally welcome. You can choose to rehearse in either way, and the music you sing will be adapted accordingly.


Digital resources will be released to help you prepare over the summer, and in-person preparatory rehearsals will take place during the autumn. We will expect that you attend as many of the preparatory rehearsals as possible, and that you can commit to all of the Essential rehearsals.

Essential rehearsals

  • Thursday 21 October (evening) – by ear only
  • Sunday 24 October (evening) – sheet music only
  • Sunday 14 November (afternoon)
  • Saturday 20 November (evening)
  • Sunday 21 November (afternoon/evening)
  • Thurs 25 November (evening)
  • Friday 26 November (evening)
  • Saturday 27 November (all day)
  • Sunday 28 November (all day)

We have created two different application forms, in order to cater for singers who learn in different ways, and to help us plan rehearsals most effectively. Please fill out the appropriate form below.

Applications have now closed. Thank you to those who have applied, we will be in touch soon.

We hope to be able to inform all applicants by 30th June whether or not they have secured a place in the chorus.

If you have any questions, please see the FAQs below, or contact us on


Who is it for?
Adult singers who are enthusiastic, motivated, and can commit to the schedule above.

Do I need to do an audition?
We anticipate that demand for places will be high. If we are oversubscribed, we may ask applicants to submit a short audition video.

I am a young musician – can I take part?
This project is for adult amateur musicians, but we are looking at future opportunities for participation projects involving younger musicians.

What does it cost to take part?

What equipment / resources are required?
Just a sharp pencil! We will provide music (see below).

Do I need to buy the music?
All music will be provided. We will send you a link to online copies for preparation purposes, and you will be provided with hard copies at the first in-person rehearsal. These will need to be returned after the performance.

What is the level of commitment required?
Our aim is to deliver the highest musical quality that this community can offer. As a result, the project will require significant preparation, and we are looking for people who are motivated and enthusiastic. We will expect participants to commit to watching rehearsal videos, which will be sent out over the summer to form part of the preparation process, doing independent practice, and to attending all rehearsals from September onwards, including all Essential rehearsals (see above).

What happens if there are still Covid restrictions in place in the autumn?
This project is based on social distancing no longer being a requirement by the autumn. If this is not the case, we still aim to run the project, but it will be deferred to Spring 2022.

Can I apply for a choral AND an orchestral place, so that if I am unsuccessful for one, I have a chance at being accepted for the other?
Yes, you can; please just make a note on the form and let us know which of the two would be your preference.

I can’t get to all the rehearsals, but I’ve sung it before – can I join in?
You are very welcome to apply, but please note that we are looking for singers with the most availability. Should we be oversubscribed, this may be a deciding factor in selection.

How do I access online practice videos?
We will provide instructions for accessing these nearer the time and support you in joining any online activity.

If you have any further queries, please contact