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Sage Gateshead

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We are Sage Gateshead.

But times change. We’re almost 20 years old, and we’re getting ready for a slightly different – but bigger – future. A future that’s part of a new, busier Gateshead Quays.

So, this year is an opportunity for us to affirm who we are, how we should be known, and what we look like. And that’s where you come in.

We’re changing our name and we want you to have your say about our past, our present and our future.

Tell us about any memorable moments you’ve shared here – for example, a never to be forgotten performance, something wonderful you’ve learned or been a part of.

What do you think makes Sage Gateshead so special?

Who or what would you like to see at Sage Gateshead in the future?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sage Gateshead?
We are about making and supporting brilliant music in the North East. We have some of the finest acoustics anywhere and have world-class facilities, all housed in one of the North’s most iconic landmarks. We were created in 2004 as part of a major investment in culture.

We celebrate music of all types, for all ages – from classical concerts to bands and gigs, from music for children and young people to community choirs. We are a home for music learning. We work in our building, throughout the North East and around the world.

We are also proud to be Royal Northern Sinfonia, a chamber orchestra known for quality, innovation, and collaboration.

We are a charity for music and support audiences, musicians, and music makers at all stages of their journey.

Did you know?
Each year we…

  • stage more than 400 performances across all genres – from orchestral music to jazz, from electronica to folk
  • provide music learning for 200,000 people across 10,000 events
  • reach an audience of 500,000, and many more than that online
  • welcome 2m visitors to our building
  • directly support over 300 artists, with a focus on addressing socioeconomic inequality
  • welcome artists to the North East from around the world
  • are home to one of the world’s finest chamber orchestras

Over the last 20 years we’ve generated over £500 million for the local economy, and we have been one of the borough’s biggest employers.

Where is Sage Gateshead?
We are on Gateshead Quays, between BALTIC and the iconic Tyne Bridge. Our building was designed by award-winning architects Foster + Partners.

What is happening at Gateshead Quays?
A new arena and convention centre is being built next door to Sage Gateshead. This new commercial development will operate as part of an international network of large-scale venues that includes stadiums and arenas.

This change will complete the Quayside and create a unique destination in the UK, made up of cultural venues, entertainment, business, and education.

Sage Gateshead and BALTIC have been on this quayside since the early 2000s, and this development will help further develop the area as an international destination.

How did Sage Gateshead choose its name in the first place?
In 2004 we were founded with support from Sage plc, a global software company with a vision to support arts and culture in the region. They were the naming partner for our building.

Why are you changing your name?
Sage plc are now investing in the new arena and convention centre set to become our neighbour. This centre is going to be called The Sage.

We welcome this renewed investment in the region, helping to complete Gateshead Quays.

We are an independent charity rooted in the North East, and our name and brand should reflect this. Every ticket, donation, or event booking goes back into supporting world-class music in our region. That could mean music classes for young people, visiting international orchestras, or supporting local bands.

It’s not in anyone’s interest for us to become confused with the arena and convention centre set to be our neighbour.

This is an opportunity for us to work with our communities to create a new name and future for our organisation as we approach our 20th anniversary. We are looking forward to bright future as part of a busier, more complete Gateshead Quays.

Can people share their ideas?

We would love people to share their ideas and stories about Sage Gateshead, and your ideas for a name. We will be speaking to lots of people in summer 2022, and you will be able to contribute online through our website or via postcards in our building. We will be taking everything you say and using it to help inform what our new brand will look and feel like.

Visit our website or use the hashtag #sgchanges on social media to get involved.

When will a new name be announced?
We hope to announce our new name and visual identity in the autumn.

If I have another question who do I ask?
If you have another question relating to our name change, please email [email protected]