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Make Music Your New Year's Resolution

Posted on 21 December 2018


Every New Year’s Day we set ourselves a new goal and often we choose something that turns out to be unrealistic. So, this year, let’s make a resolution that is actually doable with a little effort. Join us and resolve to get musical in 2019!

We will help you to reach your potential, inspire you, and give you the confidence to experiment and try out new ideas. Most of all, we guarantee it’ll be fun and you’ll make some great friends. It’s never too late to get into music and it’s not as daunting as it sounds.

We run over 100 different music classes each week, from absolute beginners to advanced, early years through to 50+. Come and learn to play guitar, ukulele, percussion or brass and wind instruments, or maybe you’d prefer to play in a band – there’s also a huge range of singing groups, not to mention our dedicated folk programme.

With so much to choose from there’s bound to be something that’s just right for your musical resolution.

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Kumaran Coopamootoo, 25, joined Sage Gateshead’s Absolute Beginner Guitar class in January 2018.

“I was taking guitar classes a few years ago at a conservatory of music. I definitely learnt some invaluable guitar theory, however, the structure was not really adapted to help a beginner to learn to play. Eventually, I stopped and left my guitar behind when I moved to Newcastle.

I wanted to start again but I didn’t really know where to pick up. At the beginning of this year, my sister enrolled on the Absolute Beginners Course as she also wanted to learn some guitar. So, I thought that I’ll tag along too. I bought myself a brand new acoustic guitar and joined the class.

The elements covered were spot on: from the way to sit, how to hold the instrument and the plectrum, tips on how to form chords, position the fingers on the guitar neck, simple exercises for timing and speed – each objective was meticulously crafted as a series of steps by the teacher.

So, it was easy to identify where more attention was required in our practice and how to build a strong foundation to play. This gave me the confidence and the means to learn other songs by myself. It has really been a nice experience and I look forward to moving up to the next stages.”