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Sage Gateshead

 →  Izzy Bolt

Izzy Bolt


“During Sage Gateshead Summer Studios, I will use this time to explore live audio visual performance, using digital modular systems as a means of performance. I am taking this time to think about the structure of my performance and electronic compositions, understanding modular synthesis and achieving quality sound sources. I’m going to work on connecting my digital network to MIDI controls and experimenting with audio responses to visual composition.

My live experimental electronic work explores how elements can effect one another. This stems from my interest in environmental impacts on the body and diseases caused to blood and lungs from particles. My audio visual concept is to explore how one element can impose and intrude another’s process. In my network the audio often fluctuates without intention due to changes in the visual commands.

I am looking forward to making some noise in the Summer Studios and taking some time out to focus on developing my live performance in a creative space.”