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In Harmony Rocks!

Posted on 16 December 2019


Seven year old Brody Flynn dreams of being a rock star. Thanks to the In Harmony programme Brody is mastering the violin and his focus and confidence is growing each day.

Delivered by Sage Gateshead, In Harmony Newcastle Gateshead is a national programme, one of only six in England. School children in disadvantaged communities learn an orchestral instrument, play as part of a group or orchestra and have regular performance opportunities. The programme began at Hawthorn Primary School in the West End of Newcastle in 2012 and expanded into Bridgewater School in 2017.

Brody Flynn attends Bridgewater School in Scotswood and started playing the violin when he was five years old. Now seven, Brody’s enjoyment of playing and interest in music has flourished.

“I picked the violin because I liked listening to higher sounds. I felt really great when I got to play the violin because I got to learn a new instrument.”

At home, Brody plays the guitar and drums as well as the violin.

His mum Leanne said: “I felt happy when he first brought the violin home as it complements his interest in music at home and has now taught him theory which he can now use alongside this. His finger work with his guitar has also improved and I believe he’s transferred this skill from In Harmony.”

Music has become part of day to day life at the school. As well as musical skills, confidence and self-esteem, educational attainment and health and well-being are improved through learning and taking part in orchestral music-making.

Leanne added: “Music helps with his focus and attention which are sometimes an issue otherwise in everyday life. It’s something at school which he feels really passionate about. He always comes home happy from In Harmony. When I first saw him perform I felt extremely proud, it was great to see him play with so much confidence on a real stage with an orchestra,” said Leanne.

As his passion for music continues to develop, Leanne is looking forward to seeing how he progresses.

She said: “Brody has a real love for music of all genres but particularly rock music. He dreams of one day becoming a rock star in a rock band. In Harmony has solidified his interest in music and we have no doubt that this will continue for years to come.”

Brody said: “One day, I’d like to record my own songs and be in a band. Maybe become a rock star like Ozzy Osbourne!”

We want to make sure music is open and inclusive to all and to support young people to reach their potential. As a charity, we rely on the generous support of the public to make that goal a reality. If you support In Harmony, or our bursary scheme, you’ll be supporting other children and young people like Brody to learn and grow as musicians. Every gift, no matter the size, helps us to deliver this important work. To find out more please contact [email protected] or click here to make a donation.