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Discover Classics 4 Kids

C 4 K Arts Award

A huge hit with both children and grown-ups last season, Classics 4 Kids returned with even more fun and classical music in Sage One and activities on the Concourse.

Young people got the chance to try new instruments, attend a concert and take part in other arts activities. For the first time we also offered young people a FREE Discover in a Day Arts Award.

The venue was packed with excited and enthusiastic people all getting a taste of classical music, and over 35 young musicians took part in the Arts Award!

They got a chance to reflect on the concert and activities they took part in at Classics 4 Kids and also drew themselves playing instruments and shared how they felt about the day.

“The music felt amazing and relaxing!”

“I loved when we sang and danced”

“Classics 4 Kids was so much fun, I love the sound of the Cello too!”

“Today I have been inspired to start playing the Obo”

“The music made me think about lots of things, like moving clouds, rainbows and our family walking under a rainbow”

“The Harp made me feel so happy”