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Bronze and Silver Arts Award


Paul Martin, Arts Award Programme Leader for Sage Gateshead, is a member of a peer mentoring cohort of Bronze and Silver Arts Award Advisers, who met for the first time last month. Here, Paul shares his experience of delivering Arts Award with a focus on Bronze and Silver.

“The impact Arts Award has on our young people is amazing. Often when they come to us they don’t want to engage in any work at all, refusing to do anything written or that involves refection, organisation, planning or speaking. However once they realise Arts Award is for them, it’s flexible and delivered in such a way that they have control, that all changes. They are proud of what they create, proud of what they do and want to show their work. It also helps us talk to them about future careers, school, education, dreams and positive behaviours, because they’ve engaged in a positive process.”

Read the full article here: https://culturebridgenortheast.org.uk/news/guest-blog-bronze-and-silver-arts-award-by-paul-martin.