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BBC SummerTyne App


Enjoy two streams of exclusive SummerTyne content, including a special edition of Sage Gateshead’s podcast with exclusive content about the weekend without using your data!

Brought to you by the BBC Research and Development team at SummerTyne, the app is part of a public trial of Broadcast Wi-Fi technology.

Broadcast Wi-Fi aims to deliver content at events and big venues to large numbers of people by providing a ‘virtual giant screen’. By using custom Wi-Fi systems, the BBC are able to send content to mobile devices without using up the audience’s data plan.

The BBC want to see how well their system works in a real-world environment, across different devices, and to get feedback from the public on what they think of the technology. Festival-goers are invited to join the Wi-Fi network, “nomorebufferface”, and use the dedicated app for the trial. Developed in collaboration with Global Invacom.

Here’s how you can take part:

  • Join the trial network, ‘nomorebufferface’
  • Download the app from the links provided when you join the trial network.
    If you use the links below, please make sure you are connected to the trial network before downloading the app to avoid using the data allowance from your mobile provider.
  • Enjoy two streams of exclusive festival content while you’re here at SummerTyne! 




For full terms and conditions visit

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