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Rubber Oh

Sam Grant

Rubber Oh_1

Rubber Oh is the new project from Newcastle based musician and producer Sam Grant (Pigs Pigs pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs). Rubber Oh is a vessel for dense, rhythmic, warping sounds, guided by hyperreal forms and abstracted malleable objects. For fans of… cubes, blocks of rubber, space.

🎧 Listen to Rubber Oh on Spotify | Rubber Oh Bandcamp

What is Foundry?
FOUNDRY 2022 is a new residency opportunity at Sage Gateshead; which makes our Sage Two performance space available to artists for 4 days of intensive development and rehearsal time, handing the venue over to musicians making new work in an unprecedented way.

Rubber Oh Foundry Residency Plans:
‘Via Foundry, Rubber Oh will be taking the opportunity to develop a live production of forthcoming recorded material. The project. conceived and developed in the studio by Sam, and released through Rocket Recordings, will begin its life as a band, with the aim of finding a live interpretation of music currently only existing in recorded form. As a culmination of their time at Sage they’ll look to perform a private/intimate showing of this work.’