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Foundry 2022

We are delighted to be launching a new residency opportunity at Sage Gateshead; FOUNDRY 2022.


Applications are now closed. There will be another open call in autumn – if you’d like a reminder nearer the time, or to hear about other upcoming opportunities for artists, sign up to our newsletter by emailing [email protected]


Sage Gateshead is delighted to announce the five artists/bands who will be part of our Foundry 2022 residency programme. They will be spending 4 days in Sage Two developing and rehearsing their projects in the unique performance space before heading out on the road. Read more about each of the artists/bands below.

Find out more about our Foundry 2022 Artists

About our Foundry 2022 Programme

We are delighted to be launching a new residency opportunity at Sage Gateshead. FOUNDRY 2022 makes our Sage Two performance space available to artists for 4 days of intensive development and rehearsal time, handing the venue over to musicians making new work in an unprecedented way.

We were looking for established artists in any genre with an exciting idea which needs further development, or a project ready to tour or perform, which would benefit from 4 days of intensive rehearsal.

The package includes:
– Four days in Sage Two (400 capacity venue with flexible layouts)
– Optional sharing or short performance opportunity to showcase what you’ve been working on
– Up to £1000 towards costs e.g. filming, accommodation costs.
– Basic venue staffing support
– Help with applying for funding to support taking part in the residency and future plans for your project
– Additional money is available for access costs, see below

Foundry 2022 Residency Programme FAQs

Have a question? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to assist you with your application. Find out more.

We were looking for artists who are:

– Based in the North of England
– Writing your own original music (or creative interpretations of existing music) in any genre
– Have some experience of leading your own projects
– Over 18
– An established professional musician: Earning money from your original music for at least 4 years (not consecutively), whether performances, commissions or releases.

And/or played multiple shows/concerts across the UK, have been profiled/featured in national press, media and received coverage in UK wide blogs

And/or have at least one team member (e.g. a manager, booking agent, record label, publisher, PR/Plugger, and/or lawyer)

As part of this residency we may ask you to provide us with some ‘work in progress’ updates for use online (e.g. short videos, photos, a blog post).

We recognise that some communities have not been represented in our previous work. We want to make sure this opportunity is available to everyone, no matter what your background or the challenges you have faced. For example, we would love to hear from you if you:
– Are Deaf, have a disability, learning difficulty or a long-term health condition
– Describe yourself as neurodivergent (this might include dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, ADHD, autistic spectrum, Tourette’s syndrome and others)
– Consider yourself to be from a working class background
– Received free school meals in secondary school
– Grew up in a family receiving Universal Credit or state benefits
– Have ever lived in council or social housing, been on the housing register
– Have ever lived in sheltered accommodation or experienced homelessness
– Attended a state-run school and were the first generation in your family to attend university
– Experienced being in care at any point
– Were a young parent or young carer
– Have been a refugee or asylum seeker
– Are from the African, South, East and South-East Asian, Middle East, Latinx or North African diaspora or have experienced racism

These are some common examples of challenging circumstances but there may be others. Sage Gateshead is a signatory to Sound and Music’s Fair Access Principles.

Sage Gateshead is a PRS Foundation Talent Development Partner supported by PPL and