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Marco Woolf

Marco Woolf

Influenced by the likes of Nick Drake and John Martyn, the music that Marco Woolf makes can prove similarly complex to categorise, his lyrics introspective and insightful – earning him a reputation as a self-evidently skilled storyteller – though thoughtful instrumentation too is just as crucial to his compositions, clearly considered to ensure it possesses comparable weight to his wording.

His latest release, “Francine, I” – a narrative-led EP issued via Phlexx Records in July – follows an African woman as she migrates West for the sake of her children and perfectly typifies the trademark one-two punch of tenderness that makes Marco’s music so transcendent. A limited 12” run sold out within 24 hours and the release received positive reviews from several publications, including PAM (Pan African Music, a website dedicated to promoting music from the African continent and diaspora).

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What is Foundry?

FOUNDRY is a residency opportunity at Sage Gateshead which makes our Sage Two performance space available to artists for 4 days of intensive development and rehearsal time, handing the venue over to musicians making new work in an unprecedented way.