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Foundry 2023 Residency Programme FAQs

Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you would like to find out more about the residency, speak to someone about access needs, or have difficulty applying, please contact the Artist Development team on  or call 0191 443 4579 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

What will the Residency involve?
The residency provides access to our renowned Sage 2 venue for four days and you will be able to use the space for 8 hours per day. You can decide how you use the time available, it could be for rehearsing, creating something new, filming, or something else. One technician will be provided during your residency for basic support, additional technical requirements would need to be discussed before the residency.

You will have a main point of contact for anything relating to the residency (Rianne Thompson, Producer) and further advice and assistance will be provided by the Artist Development team at Sage Gateshead.

Who is this residency for?
This programme is here to support established artists in the North of England who need a professional venue space to practise new material for upcoming tours and performances, and create new work.

It is for musicians and music creators working in any genre who have at least 4 years’ experience of working as a professional musician, but these do not have to be consecutive e.g. if you worked as a musician for two years, had a two-year break to have children, and then have been active for a further two years, that counts as 4 years. The residency is also open to artists/bands/ensembles who have played multiple shows or concerts across the UK, have been profiled/featured in national press, media and received coverage in UK wide blogs; and/or have at least one team member (e.g. a manager, booking agent, record label, publisher, PR/Plugger, and/or lawyer).

How does the selection process work?
Applications will be assessed by a group of experts including staff from Sage Gateshead, an artist, a music industry person from the North and members of our Young Programmers Group. From the applications we will select the artists/groups for the 2023 residency programme and all applicants will be contacted by the end of November at the latest.

This is a competitive process and that can’t be avoided. We will be selecting based on the information you have sent us and will be looking for artists/groups who will benefit most from having time in a unique venue space. We will prioritise artists who meet more than one of the criteria for being an established artist.

We expect to be running another open call for this programme in the future so if you are not successful this time, there will be other opportunities.

How does the money work?
If you are successful, the budget available for this residency is up to £1000. This is to cover costs such as accommodation, filming or other expenses. The use of this budget will be discussed with our team before the beginning of the residency. This will include your plans and the best use for the money. Please note that all costs will need to be invoiced with receipts.

If you choose to include a sharing session as part of your last day this will be a free event and there will be no fee provided for the performance. If you are looking to apply for additional funding for the project, we will support you with this.

Do we get to perform in Sage Two?
You will have a choice on whether you would like to use part of the last day of your residency to share what you have been working on in Sage 2 as an informal sharing. There may also be an option to showcase your work at a later date with a short performance opportunity as part of our multi-artist event series ‘From the Glasshouse’, although this cannot be guaranteed. A sharing of your work is not a requirement of the residency but instead an option if you feel it would be beneficial for you.

I’ve never been to Sage Gateshead, what’s it like?
You’ll receive a warm welcome from all the team when you first arrive, and we’ll look after you during your visit to make sure you have all the support you need with creative and practical things.

You can have a look inside the building’s main concourse using Google Maps.

The Concourse has a great view across Newcastle and the River Tyne, there is also a co-working area and café. Plenty of parking is available, there are bus and metro routes nearby. Please note that the metro is wheelchair accessible but unfortunately mobility scooters are not permitted.