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This Week our Box Office phone lines are open 12noon – 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. The building itself will remain closed until further notice.

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Opening Times:
Box Office
This Week our Box Office phone lines are open 12noon – 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. The building itself will remain closed until further notice.

☎️ 0191 443 4661
📧 [email protected]

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Artists in Residence FAQs

What will I be doing as Artist in Residence?

The residency is artist-led so you are in control of how you use the time and what you get out of it. You will have the support of the Sage Gateshead team to turn your project idea into reality over the course of 10 months. The type of support will depend on what you need but initially might include ideas and advice on other artists to collaborate with, equipment to buy, specialists to consult, wellbeing advice, and useful music industry contacts. We will help organise the performance, can offer help with technical questions, and will also provide video footage of the final event.

We will provide that support through regular emails, phone calls and meetings, as well as access to our rehearsal rooms to help you write and rehearse the music. You have the option to take a 5-day retreat to focus fully on creating the project, and you might also want to use the money available to give you some time off from other work throughout the year so that you can devote time to planning and writing the project on a regular basis.

You will have a main point of contact for anything relating to the residency (Emily Jones, Senior Producer) as well as a contact from the programming team who is a specialist in your genre. Other members of team may occasionally be used for specific advice.

How much time do I need to commit to the residency?

There is no required number of hours for participation, other than checking in with us monthly. The residency lasts for 10 months because we appreciate that most artists work on multiple projects and may have other jobs. Over that period we encourage you to spend an amount of time that you feel is appropriate, considering what you want to achieve and the financial support available. There is no expectation for this to be your sole activity or income for that period.

How often will I need to be at Sage Gateshead?

You are in control of how you use the time so that is up to you. The only requirement is that we will check in with you at least once a month to discuss the project and offer advice or support that may be needed, but that can be done by phone or email if needed. However, we would encourage you to make use of the facilities available and to have face-to-face meetings if possible.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cover travel costs for meetings or rehearsals at Sage unless the costs are due to specific access needs. Travel expenses are available for the retreat and the performance.

How does the selection process work?

Applications will be assessed by a group of experts including staff from Sage Gateshead, a music professional from the North East, and one of our previous Artists in Residence. We will invite 6 to 8 artists for an informal interview.

This is a competitive process and that can’t be avoided. We will be selecting based on the information you have sent us, and will be looking for artists who demonstrate talent and potential, have a clear idea of what they want to achieve with their project, and who will benefit from this opportunity.

How does the money work?

If you are successful, we will pay the £3000 bursary on a date agreed with you. Equipment or advice paid for with the £500 must be agreed with our team first and should be invoiced to Sage by the supplier. For the retreat, money is available to pay for your travel and accommodation. This can be used locally or as a contribution to a residency elsewhere.

In addition, we will provide a performance fee for the event in June. This will be a total fee for all performers and will be negotiated with the artist nearer the time, depending on the scale of the proposed performance and potential ticket income. If you choose to make any additional funding applications for the project, we will support you with this.

I’ve never been to Sage Gateshead, what is it like?

You’ll receive a warm welcome from all the team when you first arrive, and we’ll look after you during your visits to make sure you have all the support you need with creative and practical things. You can have a look inside the building’s main concourse using Google Maps here.

There’s a café on the Concourse which has a great view across Newcastle and the River Tyne, and you’re also welcome to bring your own food to eat in your rehearsal room. Plenty of parking is available, there are bus and metro routes nearby. (Please note that the metro is wheelchair accessible but unfortunately mobility scooters are not permitted.)

What impact will Coronavirus have on this programme?

Sage Gateshead is currently closed but our artist development work continues online. We are hopeful that the residency performance will be able to take place in June 2021 as planned, but it is possible that changes will have to be made to the residency to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including doing some of the activity online. We hope you will still be able to work on the project from home if the venue is closed during the programme. Residency activity which cannot take place due to Coronavirus will be rescheduled to a later date where possible, or the budget may be used to support you in other ways, in agreement with our team.