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SummerTyne 2017: Your safety and comfort

Posted on 6 July 2017

We want to share some important updates around our safety and security measures. This year, we’ve made a few changes to make sure everyone is safe, and enjoys the best festival ever!

  • There will be 3 security check points on entry to the festival. Our west doors (Tyne Bridge side), and the entrances to Performance Square from both our car park, and from Mill Road car park.
  • We’ll be searching all bags this year. We know you’ll understand why this is so important for everyone’s safety. To offer even more peace of mind, we’ll also be introducing spot check body scan searches (just like when you ‘magic wand’ treatment at the airport.)
  • To keep search time to a minimum we recommend that you travel light. Please don’t bring crockery or cutlery, glasses or glass of any other kind (keep it Americana and enjoy your food finger lickin’ style OR bring plastic picnic ware). If you bring any of these items along, we’ll have to take them for safe keeping until you are ready to collect them.

Sage Gateshead is a music venue with an alcohol licence, and like most other venues, we don’t allow visitors to bring their own alcohol for consumption. This year the same rule applies to Performance Square (outdoor stage). It is an extension of our building and we have been operating the policy in this area for the last few months. So, if you bring alcohol, our security team will take it and keep it safe until you’re ready to collect it. We have lined up an even bigger range of fantastic bars for you to enjoy this year (both inside and out), and have great value drinks deals available too.

Enjoy and keep your fingers crossed for the weather…