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Tusk Festival Returns To Sage Gateshead With Exhilarating Line Up

Posted on 13 June 2017

TUSK Festival returns for its 7th iteration this October 13th- 15th, once again bringing its uniquely diverse programme of adventurous international music to the North East of England. But why should you care? And why should you join the legions of TUSK fanatics this October?

Well first, we should take the time to explain what the hay TUSK is. Starting life in 2011, the goal of the festival organizers was to bring the music they loved (but didn’t see playing around these parts) to people they KNEW would love it. A journey of musical discovery, if you will.

In subsequent years, the lineup got more and more diverse, and more and ambitious. Growing TUSK fanatics grew ever more connected and engaged with a whole load of incredible artists that they likely wouldn’t have had chance to experience otherwise. As the festival grew, so too did the space needed to put on such an incredible programme So having spend its infancy in venues including The Star and Shadow and Gateshead Old Town Hall, in 2016, TUSK moved into new digs here at Sage Gateshead.

This move into Sage Gateshead was a real leap of faith. How would TUSK audiences feel about moving into what many people still see as a classical venue (to be clear – Sage Gateshead is here for EVERY musical proclivity – and proud of it!)? Would the absence of a beer sticky floor and uncontrollable reverb diminish the authenticity that we had all come to know and love? Low and behold, the TUSK/Sage partnership surpassed all expectation, and TUSK fans felt like they’d come home.

This year, we’re building our relationship with the pioneering TUSK organizers, offering up a 2017 line-up that is as unwavering, as true, and as uncompromising as ever. Alongside a truly eclectic and international music menu and TUSK’s trademark slew of UK debuts, festival goers can again enjoy the a renowned film programme, exhibtions, talks, installations, interactions and more, all curated to inspire the musically curious.

The acts announced for 2017 so far are typically genre transcendent, offering festival goers a unique opportunity to broaden their musical horizons whilst enjoying a rip-roaring festival experience.

Come and see Swedish punk schlock legends BRAINBOMBS, renowned for their vitriol and vision, performing their first ever UK show. Discover UK techno experimenter BEATRICE DILLON who makes music that sounds both everyday yet utterly transformative. Experience the mangled yet silken metropolitan hiphop cityscape sound of KLEIN, and witness the frankly fantastical (and occasionally disturbing) world of enigmatic Californian duo HANS GRUSEL’S RANKENKABINET.

Looking for something even more psychedelic? TUSK welcomes KINK GONG, the French field recordist who uses sounds captured in South East Asia and elsewhere and manipulates them in ways that make them truly psychologically displacing. Talking of sound manipulation, we also play host to ÈLG (occasional collaborator with Ghedalia Tazartes and TUSK favourite Alan Bishop and producer of the simultaneously serene and manic soundscapes.)

Peerless Russian post-folk collective STARAYA DEREVNYA, will also be performing in the UK for the first time, and if Dead C and/or The Fall are your thing, you’ll love SHAREHOLDER, who basically sound like their love child.

To us, the single most important thing about TUSK, is that in a world of sausage machine musical enterprise, this thing stays true as the voice of those artists who are truly different. As a true music fan, that right there is why you should care. Why should you join us in October? Because regardless of what you discover, you WILL discover. And you’ll have the time of your life in the doing.

Weekend Tickets for TUSK Festival 2017 are £60, with a limited number of Early Birds on sale at £49.10. Day Tickets will be available at a later date and will cost £21.80. Book Tickets.

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