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Interview: Gouldman has a Heart Full of Songs

Posted on 27 September 2017

Preview & interview carried out by Peter Mann BSc

Legendary musician, Graham Gouldman, is heading to Sage Gateshead as part of his famed, Heart Full of Songs tour alongside fellow artists Iain Hornal, Ciaran Jeremiah and Dave Cobby in a stripped, laid-back, acoustic manner.

Gouldman, who has seen hit after hit during a career which began in the mid-sixties and who, in 1972, formed the English rock band 10cc alongside Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Lol Crème, the quartet being an equal split of pop-songwriters, in Gouldman and Stewart, and experimentalists in Godley and Crème.

Popularity ensued, along with a number of top ten hit singles, three of which struck the famed number one spot where the band’s biggest track, I’m Not In Love, was joined at the top by Rubber Bullets and Dreadlock Holiday, whilst another six tracks also featured.

Beginning in 1964 with the track, Look At Me Baby (with the Whirlwinds) Gouldman followed up over the next few years, with solo tracks and releases with The Mockingbirds before 10cc provided the backing for Freddie and the Dreamers’ 1971 track, Susan’s Tuba.

Also associated over the past six decades with that of The Mindbenders, Wax and The Yardbirds, and presently as a solo artist, Gouldman is on yet another tour which coincides with the release of a new record entitled Play Nicely and Share.

I’ve played a lot, written a lot, recorded a lot and travelled a lot, seen places you wouldn’t normally see, said Graham when looking back on a long and varied career in the music industry. The best place has to be South Island (the larger of New Zealand’s two major island’s) which we did over two weekends, that was just simply stunning. I’ve seen so much though and the majority has been just beautiful.

Created six years ago, the Heart Full of Songs tour sees Graham, performing on stage with Hornall, Jeremiah and Cobby, recreating the music produced by Gouldman and associated acts over the past six decades.

Best known for that 10cc classic I’m Not in Love, Gouldman has also released a number of solo materials, the upcoming release of Play Nicely and Share set to be his fifth following that of The Graham Gouldman Thing (1968), Animalympics (1980), And Another Thing (2000) and Love And Work (2012). Heart Full of Songs though is the perfect way to play the music Graham adding: Doing it this way affords some time to talk about the tracks.

People tend to like that, knowing some of the stories behind them. Yes, I’m Not In Love is the biggest track with which I’ve been associated with but it’s really hard to say [what a personal favourite is]. It’s just very gratifying seeing people singing along and knowing all the words to the music. The upcoming release [of Play Nicely and Share] will only be my fifth solo album as I just really did them when I had the time to do so. I’m just sorry that I’ve not been able to do a full album this time around, put it down to my being down with the kids these days.

You can keep up-to-date with all things Gouldman via his Website or Twitter.

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