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Community Music Spark Blog: 10th February

Posted on 20 February 2017

Community Music Spark is Sage Gateshead’s community music training programme for adults with learning disabilities. Here’s what they’ve been up to this week…

Anissa – I’ve enjoyed everything today! Can’t wait for the performance tomorrow, I’m doing two songs – don’t my ability and life saver.

Brian – I really enjoyed the session this morning, I liked playing the drums. I taught the class a great song I wrote, it’s all about the metro! I like the metro!

Marc – This morning I started my work with Percy Headley college. I led quite a lot of exercises and it was a great start to my work. This afternoon I caught up with what everyone had been doing in the morning, it sounded very good. Then we practised for our gig tomorrow which was good. Overall it’s been one hell of a busy day!

Andrew – Hello, hello! I started off the day by telling the new trainees what each of our posters mean, for example ‘smile’. This was leading up to a small performance of our song ‘tell show do!’ I played the piano, along with the accompanying beat of the drums to make a remix of the song. This afternoon I sorted out a problem with the laptop, I had had a similar problem last week so I knew how to fix it. Then I joined in with the games and exercises everyone was playing.

Anna – I enjoyed my day today, making the new song up was really fun. I liked planning the six week workshop and doing the syllable exercise with Alice. The guys performing ‘life saver’ was great. I found one exercise very difficult at first but managed to do it in the end and that felt great.

Matthew – I really enjoyed focus time this morning. We were planning for our six week workshop which will start after Easter. The syllable game was really fun. After lunch me Marc, Andrew, Anissa, Graham and Callum went to C10 to rehearse for our performance tomorrow. I sounded very fantastic, the others did too!

Callum – Just another day in the community music spark, I enjoyed talking about our six week project and practising the songs for tomorrow. I’m sure it’s gonna be a music spark of they night! Music spark is not the only group I’m performing with, I have several performances. No pressure! I liked the new trainees song ‘likes’. Hope to see everyone next week.

Graeme – I suddenly became hot but I will cool down! Today we welcoming Paul, who works in the arches. He will be helping out with Arts Award stuff. Well done to the advanced trainees who really got involved with the syllables exercise. During lunch time I heard an amazing pianist who was a local lad from Gateshead.

Kim – Had a good day! I liked helping Harry lead I like the flowers and playing the syllable game. I liked listening to the other groups songs. Looking forward to performing tomorrow!

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