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Our Customer Charter

We have signed up to the following charter so that you know what to expect here at Sage Gateshead.

We will always try to:

  • Make you feel welcome
  • Offer friendly and polite service
  • Be sensitive to the needs of all our customers
  • Protect your personal information in ways that you understand and have agreed
  • Keep our building clean, tidy, in good repair and environmentally friendly
  • Ensure that our building is fully accessible to all

We will listen to you:

  • We will always try to help you
  • We welcome your feedback
  • We will use your feedback to improve our services

We ask you to:

  • Treat our staff with courtesy
  • Treat our building and contents with care and respect
  • Help us to help you keep your children safe and secure by ensuring they are under your watchful eye at all times
  • Please switch off your mobile phone or ensure it is on silent mode when in our performances and workshops
  • Please do not use cameras or recording equipment in our performances unless told otherwise
  • Please tell us when something is not up to the standard you expect so we can do something about it straight away
  • Spread the word about your excellent experience