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Silver Programme (classes for people over 50)

Sage Gateshead’s Silver Programme provides a diverse range of musical activities for people over 50 in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.

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Alf and Irene met on the Silver Programme and found more than a shared love of music.
“I was a bedroom guitar player for 40 years. Now I play in a rock and roll band and I’ve met my life partner, something I never thought I’d find.”
Read Alf and Irene’s story.


Come and join our community; learn an instrument or sing in a choir. The Silver Programme is a great opportunity to meet new p...

Video: Fall in love with music at Sage Gateshead

Alf Hodgson (62) and Irene Mantey (67) found more than a shared love of music on the Silver Prog...

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You can book each half term online (add two half terms if you’d like to book for the full term) or contact our Ticket Of...

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Rock and Pop Bands

Tune up to rock the halls with classic songs from through the ages...

Stringed Instruments

Guitars, Mandolins, and more!


Small and easy to get started, the uke is also a versatile accompanying instrument!


Walk this way for Samba band, Bell Plates and more!

Steel Pans

Steel Pans

Wind Instruments

Saxophone, Wind band, and recorder.

Singing Rock & Pop

Find your voice, enjoy singing in a group, and explore this most portable of instruments

Singing Various Styles

Singing Various Styles

Silver Singers Around The Region

Singing groups beyond our building

Silver Programme Research

Researching the Silver Programme. Starting in 2010, a team of Silver Ambassadors came together to initiate research into the r...

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