Folkworks: Tom Kitching Band

Gateshead Old Town Hall

In a successful nine year career, English fiddle player Tom Kitching has worked with numerous singers and bands, including Pilgrims’ Way, Gavin Davenport, Jon Loomes, Gren Bartley, and Albireo. He has tutored at Folkworks Summer Schools, and has led numerous workshops around the country. Heavily involved in the dance scene, and veteran of over a thousand gigs in the last eight years, he stands at the leading edge of the English folk scene.

His style is English at heart, whilst encompassing elements of many other traditions. It is a unique, vibrant style full of exuberance, energy and wit, yet capable of expressing extraordinary emotional depth.

For this project, ‘Interloper’, he brings together Marit Fält from Norway, plus Jim Molyneux and Fraya Rae.

Marit Fält (Låtmandola) is an extraordinary accompanist and gifted interpreter of traditional tune.

Freya Rae (Flute and Clarinet) is quickly becoming a hugely sought after musician, with a distinctive flowing style on her silver flute.

Jim Molyneux (Drums and percussion) is the go to percussionist! With a combination of skill and sensitivity, Jim has built a reputation as the man to trust with the rhythm.

Contemporary and broad based, ‘Interloper’ captures an English tradition that is open to the world, confident, and comfortable with the journey.

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