Micah P Hinson and The Nothing

Sage Two

Micah P. Hinson was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, into a Christian household. He began to experiment with music, living in Abilene, Texas in his early teens. In the relative isolation of this town, he became immersed in the local music scene.

‘Micah P. Hinson and The Nothing’, his first release on French label Talitres, comprises a collection of songs written before a bad car accident, whilst touring Spain during the summer of 2011. Flown back to Texas, doctors were consulted and the future use of Micah’s arms hung in the balance. With this in mind, he began listening to demos he’d made before the Spanish trip. The songs took on a new light and he began sending them off to people around the world including The Twilight Sad and his Texan side-kick, T. Nichols Phelps. With their help Micah began to create a record without the use of his arms.

Micah was subsequently invited to record in Santander, Spain, at Moon River Studio. For two weeks and two days, with the assistance of engineer Fernando ‘Mac’ Macava, Micah realised what was to become ‘Micah P. Hinson and The Nothing’, working with an astounding array of local musicians, The Puzzles, The Aquattro String Quartet, amongst others.


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