Garibaldi Plop - Improvisational Concert and Workshop / Philosophy of Improvisation Discussion

The Barbour Room

An afternoon workshop consisting of talks and discussions that explore the thinking behind improvisation.

Following from the workshop at Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2016, we continue our exploration, addressing and challenging the received view that improvisation in musical performance is a kind of ʻinstant compositionʼ, having lower artistic status than that of composed works. Instead, alternative approaches to thinking about the topic will be presented, including those considering the aesthetic value of spontaneity and energised performance.

The workshop will explore the concept of an ʻaesthetics of imperfectionʼ in which spontaneous process is valued over finished product, with reference to the performances of the group Garibaldi Plop, who will contribute to the discussion. While such an aesthetics is expressed most clearly in the work of improvising musicians, it is also necessary for creative performance while following a score. The concept thus deepens our capacity to understand and appreciate both improvised and composed music.

Presented by Jazz North East ‘Improvisors’ Workshop’ and Durham University ‘Philosophy of Improvisation Series’.

See Garibaldi Plop perform in concert supporting The Instant Composers Pool (ICP) Orchestra from Amsterdam on Saturday 1 April in Northern Rock Foundation Hall at 7pm. Book tickets here.

Photography: Christian Taillemite 2015

Part of Gateshead International Jazz Festival 2017

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