BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival: New Generation Thinker Seb Falk from the University of Cambridge

Monks, Models and Medieval Time

The Barbour Room

A second batch of tickets will be released at 12noon on Friday 17 February.

The ruined priory of Tynemouth nestles on a Northumbrian clifftop, staring out at the fog and foam of the North Sea. In the 14th century it was a proving ground – and occasional prison camp – for monks from the wealthy mother monastery of St Albans. But the monks here didn’t just isolate themselves, pray and complain about the food (though they did do those things). They also studied astronomy. Writing treatises, computing tables and designing new instruments, they contemplated the nature of a divinely-wound clockwork universe.

Seb Falk brings to life a world where science and religion went hand-in-hand, where monks loved their gadgets, and where a wooden disc, a brass ring and some silk threads were all you needed to model the motions of the stars.

Part of BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking Festival 2017

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