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Landmark Building

Sage Gateshead has already become a new landmark on Tyneside, forming the heart of an exciting project to regenerate the area’s river frontage. The site is adjacent to the Stirling Prize-winning Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Tyne Bridge, with its great arch echoed in the shell-like form of Sage Gateshead’s roof.

Sage Gateshead includes two auditoria with outstanding acoustics, a rehearsal space and a 25-room Music Education Centre – each conceived as a separate enclosure. The windswept nature of the site led Fosters to create a welcoming covered concourse along the waterfront to link the various spaces. As a result the entire complex is sheltered beneath a broad, enveloping stainless steel roof that is ‘shrink-wrapped’ around the buildings beneath. This extends over the Concourse, which acts as a foyer for the auditoria and hospitality areas for performers, audiences and students alike, offering unique views out across the Tyne.

Take a look around the building.

Sage Gateshead took ten years of detailed planning and was designed after extensive consultation with musicians, audiences and music presenters and promoters.

The capital building project has been funded by:


  • Gateshead Council
  • North Music Trust

Consultant Team