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Artistic Principles

Over the first few years of Sage Gateshead the management and programming of our performance and participation, learning and training programmes grew steadily closer to each other, so in 2010/11 we took the logical next step of drawing together explicitly the Artistic Principles that underpin the whole of our artistic programme. Those principles now underpin everything we do, helping ensure both the strategic coherence and the quality of our programme as a whole:

Quality and diversity of programme:
We create, produce and promote a diverse programme of learning and training, participation and performance designed to include a fully inclusive spectrum of ages, interests, aptitudes and aspirations, across a wide range of genres and depths of engagement. We are committed to the highest quality standards in all aspects of our musical activity – presentation and delivery, production and promotion;

New work and artist development:
We nurture and promote distinctive new performance work and fresh approaches to teaching, learning and participation. We support artists and students at all stages of their development in extending their ambitions and capacities. We aim to spot emerging artists – of all ages – with potential, and help them establish themselves, over time developing and growing an audience;

Integrating learning, participation and performance:
We create developmental links between learning, participation and performance, including regular opportunities to develop performance skills at the heart of music learning and participation, as well as encouraging audiences to dig deeper and discover more;

Serving, sustaining and growing the public for music:
We seek to build demand and engagement in music through learning and training, participation and performance. We do this by ensuring close collaboration between programmers and promotional teams in listening to audience and participant feedback, by regular analysis of market data, and by working closely with our communities In order to meet needs effectively;

Working in partnership:
We seek and nurture a wide range of relevant, significant and strategic partnerships working locally, nationally and internationally. These partners include local authorities, educational institutions, independent music promoters, agents and artists, community and voluntary sector organisations and other venues. We are committed to programming distinctively within an international context and to learning from colleagues world-wide.

On those firm strategic foundations, we are consistently proud of the quality, scale and reach of the artistic programme.